Vitalinova Tonic-250ml

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About this item

A palatable Tonic with 6 highly important Vitamins B, Iron and Magnesium. VITALINOVA+ TONIC is extraordinary because the special composition has been designed to fulfil the following important purposes:

  • As a vitality Tonic during convalescence
  • In the elderly and debiltated patients
  • When the patient exhibits fatigue, depression and lowered vitality
  • In cases of overwork, stress and restricted diet
  • In case of adverse seasonal conditions. Tropical climate
  • During periods of vigorous physical and mental activity
  • In general to promote normal good health, appetite, digestion and an enhanced sense of well-being
  • After hospitalisation VITALINOVA+ TONIC is of great importance to regain strength and appetite and to re-build physical and mental capabilities.